There are three interviewing issues facing soon to be and recent graduates. The first is the new trend in automated versus in person interviewing. The second is a weak understanding of how to translate the skills that grads DO have to the workplace.  The third is that heavy use of smart tech to communicate has left them with a lexicon insufficient to articulate their value to automated and human interviewers.

The automated interviewing trend should not concern anyone. Automated and human interviewing require virtually identical skills. It’s not whether you make a mistake or misspeak, it’s how you handle the situation once you realize your error. The interviewer, whether a computer or human, is listening for industry specific buzz terms, vocabulary use, logic and well-articulated answers. If you impress the computer, your next interview will be with a human—just like old times! Pro Tip: Dress as if it were an in-person interview, wearing proper interview clothes—head to toe—supports your self-presentation.

Understanding the value of your transferable skills can be a challenge if you have not previously worked in your job-seeking industry. I suggest finding a professional in your chosen field to help you correlate your skills to your chosen job or industry. Be sure to include that burger joint or tutoring job on your resume. Often, there are hidden or underlying transferable skills in those jobs that could be very valuable.

As for transitioning from social media speak to an expanded vocabulary that can articulate those skills to prospective employers, look at position announcements of jobs in your desired field and learn the language (industry speak / buzz words) they use for reference. Begin to incorporate them into your resume as applicable—remember, no stretching the truth. Practice interview responses using these new terms so that they become a natural part of your vocabulary.

While today’s graduates face several challenges landing their first post-graduation job in this technology-enhanced era, they are surmountable.  If you’d like help navigating these new waters—shameless plug—reach out to me. I will spot and correlate your transferable skills and teach you to articulate their value, in industry speak, to man and machine!

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