Words Matter - Learn the Art of Conversation with Elaine Rosenblum, master mentor at ProForm U

Welcome to 21st Century Leadership

Through individually tailored mentoring engagements, ProForm U® models and teaches students and professionals at all levels to collaboratively articulate and negotiate in virtually any setting.

ProForm U’s Founder and Chief Articulation Officer, Elaine Rosenblum, developed our communication model by combining her deep Fortune 500 business and management experience with her expertise as an educator and attorney specializing in mediation, conflict management, collaborative negotiation and employment law.

Our Approach

We live in an “anti-failure” culture that pressures us to succeed but doesn’t value the required communication skills or provide the strategic roadmap. That’s where ProForm U® can partner with you. Our working relationship with clients is mentorship built on a foundation of honesty, respect and shared humanity toward one goal, your educational and professional personal best.

Elaine Rosenblum addresses our tech driven communications conundrum. She utilizes her multi-faceted background drawing from a myriad of disciplines including business, education, law and conflict management. Elaine connects the words and dots to arrive at solutions to the many communication challenges her clients face—whether simple conversation, admissions or job interviews, a professional seeking a higher profile, raise, promotion or new job or an organization striving for productive collaboration.

We can partner with you in our Atlanta office, remotely via Skype or at your professional location.

Our clients ask us to help achieve their individual goals, such as acing college and job interviews, negotiating higher salaries and finding solutions to managerial challenges. All require refined communication skills.

We mentor and teach people to respectfully articulate, negotiate and own their points of view, and we facilitate and model conversations among team members.

The short-term gain is individual advancement, improved team communication and a culture of collaboration, which in turn breeds creativity and innovation.

The long-term payoff is that our clients use these leadership skills in every aspect of their professional and personal lives. They literally take these essential skills with them, earn the respect of others and self, and hopefully model and mentor them forward.

Elaine Rosenblum

Master Mentor, ProForm U®

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