I was glad to learn that early tech investors and the engineers who wrote the code have initiated The Center for Humane Technology to curb tech addiction and realign technology with humanity’s best interests. These social entrepreneurs are having second thoughts about the impact of their endeavors and attempting to right the wrong with some of the profits. Perhaps smart apps are not so smart and Facebook needs a face lift so that our eyes can meet the human face of others. Unfortunately, our hearts and minds have been taken for a ride.

Need proof of how technology infiltrates.

We put off giving our son a phone. We caved when he turned 13. He has been on social media for one month. In four short weeks, it has become harder and harder to gain his attention.  Apple chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, told The Guardian that he would not let his nephew on social media. Facebook investor Sean Parker said that  “God only knows what it’s [social media is] doing to our children’s brains.” Smart people know something others of us don’t want to face. We should do ourselves a favor and stop swiping long enough to take note.

This is no joke. The people who invented and disseminated social tech are feeling guilty about our attention deficit and the increasing depression rates among teens.

Face it, we are clan animals. The truth, love and relationship satisfaction that teens and the rest of us seek is written all over the faces of our friends and mouthed as spoken words by our love ones.  All we have to do is look and listen up.

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