ProForm U® offers collaborative negotiation skills in group mentoring formats.

Our hyper-paced, knowledge-driven organizational cultures require collaboration among and between teams. Teaching Collaborative Negotiation in groups globally influences language, mindset and behavior and positively drives learning, productivity, innovation and profits.

This seminar introduces a skill set using concepts that significantly enhance students’ and professionals’ ability to negotiate and manage conflict using neutral language and productive discussion in any educational or organizational environment. This group seminar lays the foundation for building organizational communities that embody honesty, respect and integrity.

Skill Mastery

  • Shift language from judgmental to neutral
  • Enhance relationships among classmates and colleagues
  • Obtain greater support and cooperation among and between teams
  • Identify the exact issues and crucial obstacles
  • Acknowledge and understand positions and needs toward partnership and quality work product
  • Brainstorm to create win-win solutions
  • Build strategic partnerships, essential for productivity and innovation within team and client partnerships
  • Model honesty, respect and integrity in negotiated discussions
  • Practice and apply key skills

This two-day seminar offers in-depth skill-building for those seeking to master collaborative and bargaining skills. Starting with the theoretical basics in the one-day Collaborative Negotiation Seminar, this advanced seminar includes a second day that focuses on master skill building and mentoring through roles plays.

On day two, participants are asked to provide role play scenarios relevant to the participants’ daily challenges. Pairs of participants act out their assigned roles, modeling the skills discussed in day one. Key skills are reinforced through this interactive process where the mentor and participants coach and provide feedback using neutral, collaborative language.

Skill Mastery

  • Build cultures based on collaborative leadership using a collective mindset and neutral language as baselines
  • Establish non-judgmental, safe organizational spaces that embrace and leverage differing view points
  • Gain articulation skills that enable nimble self-correction in shifting from judgmental to neutral
  • Achieve high levels of team functionality through respectful articulation
  • Practice negotiation skills in relevant, customized role plays
  • Refine mentoring and language skills while providing role play feedback

Elaine holds training group sessions where she covers the basics of her conversation, résumé, interview, negotiation and conflict management prep. Training groups are ideal for small groups no greater than 50 people.

Learn to employ your words and conversation demonstrating an ability and potential to lead think critically and creatively and mentor while giving and gaining respect.

  • Half-Day Seminar
  • One Day Seminar
  • Two Day Seminar


  • Daily Professional Conversation
  • Résumé Development and Workshop
  • Interview Basics
  • Mock Interviews (Round Robin)
  • Feedback/Debriefing Session
  • Collaborative Negotiation Seminar
  • Q&A

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