Elaine Rosenblum helps students and professionals prep for interviews and negotiationsF.

F as in failure—the grade you strive to avoid in school. After school, no one wants to think of an F.

Grades are over. This is the real world. You can’t fail life.

Or maybe…

As part of our Everyone-Gets-a-Trophy culture, FAILURE is scary and shameful. Why? Because it reminds us of that feeling you endure in order to be successful.

Actually, failure is freedom, the freedom to fail again. Failure is the reason success is joyful. No one has been successful without failing a lot more than succeeding.

Even if you didn’t get into your third-choice college, it’s only one failure. Here’s the good news, professional success requires more. More freedom!

The enormous success of the dot-com generation makes the thought of failure frightening.

Very few of those successes were just plain luck. Therein lies the freedom to exert intense grit, risk, drive and failure. Most young billionaires are gifted individuals. Gifted people only comprise 6% of us.

You are not alone. 94% of us are going to fail a lot more.

PS: Use failure to motivate you. It means that you’re freely risking yourself, working hard enough to flunk some more, learn something and use that crucial information to eventually succeed.

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