Elaine Rosenblum helps students and professionals prep for interviews and negotiationsMy tenacity paid off, and Bob at SLW invited me for another interview.

We agreed that I would do an “unpaid internship” for the airline account for two months while looking for a paid job. We also agreed that if I had a job interview, I went. Socially, when asked what I did, I said, “I work for an ad agency.” (It’s easier to find a job while working and any job boosts your confidence.)

On the night before my first day at SLW, Barry gave me the best advice I ever received. He said, “Elaine, if you don’t mess up twice a day, you’re not working hard enough.” Owning and correcting mistakes earns you respect. It also increases productivity.

On my first day at SLW, I looked Bob in the eye and said, “I am going to work so hard that I will embarrass you into paying me.”

Three weeks in, I had a salary, benefits and sweet entry-level job on a national account. It could not get better…unless I was at a big ad agency in New York City.

Eighteen months later, I was.

P.S. Thank you, Barry, for your mentorship. Thank you, Bob, for giving me the opportunity.

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