Elaine Rosenblum is the founder of ProForm U.

You’ve identified your next opportunity, so what do you do to ace that college interview or to score a job or promotion? How do you stand out when competition is fierce and technology has impacted our ability to communicate effectively?

I’m Elaine Rosenblum, and I started ProForm U™ to mentor you in negotiating those uncharted waters. I offer you the opportunity to improve the odds of achieving your goals through mentoring in the art of conversation. Few of us are born skilled to articulate our story and point of view. Most use trial and error at the risk of missing opportunities. Through this blog and one-on-one mentoring, I’d like to refine your self-presentation.

If you’ve ever replayed a conversation in your head, lost out on a job or didn’t get into your first choice school, you probably wondered what you could have done differently. We’ve all been there. At ProForm U, we believe that selecting your words, speaking from a place of mutual respect and presenting your most authentic self are the keys to achieving your goals.  Your words matter and, when you articulate respectfully and own your story or viewpoint, the results speak for themselves.

When I mentor someone, the first question I ask is, “What’s your story or point of view?” It’s harder than you think. Good answers will help you reach your goals faster. It’s okay to be uncertain and even to feel a little anxious or frustrated. My aim is to help you influence outcomes by articulating your point of view. Then you’ll feel more comfortable and prepared to negotiate the unfamiliar and to put your best you forward at every touch point—whether writing your resume, prepping for an interview, negotiating a deal or climbing the corporate ladder. Together, we’ll refine your conversation to be the best professional you can be and separate you from the competition.

Let’s speak soon.



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