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Elaine Rosenblum offers mediation services at ProForm U™In our fast-tech economy, organizations are acutely aware of the relationship between conflict and bottom line. Text, email and even Skype can foster disagreement and breakdown communications. Teams and individuals feed mounting issues using technology rather than resolving matters face-to-face. The result is reduced creativity, productivity and loyalty.

Mediation enables individuals and teams to utilize conflict resolution processes based on highly effective mediation practices used in our courts.

Legal mediation is typically 85% successful. Organizations can likewise resolve conflict by learning to use the same techniques employed by legal mediators.

  • Access a non-judgmental forum to share mutual concerns
  • Meet face-to-face to communicate openly with one another
  • Identify and address crucial obstacles overlooked day-to-day
  • Gain better understanding of needs and interests regarding “hot points”
  • Collaborate to craft custom resolutions acceptable to all
  • Maintain control over vital decisions affecting daily life and career
  • Generate agreements that outline how the parties will collaborate in the future
  • Utilize mediation technique to enhance interpersonal relationships and build strategic partnerships
  • Resolve future conflict using acquired skills

Mediation FAQs

Q: Why should you or your company employ ProForm U® Mediation?

A: Conflict happens even among the most productive. Mediation gets to the heart of issues that impede creativity, innovation and progress.

Q: How does ProForm U® Mediation add value?

A: Using courageous conversations, team members are empowered by joining in a process to better understand one another, overcome obstacles and create negotiated agreements through facilitated, honest discussion.

Q: Which relationships are appropriate?

A: At-risk organization-client relationship

A: Intra-organization team/divisional partnerships

A: Valued employees and team members who must collaborate, but struggle

A: Team and service provider relationships requiring better communication

Q: How long is Mediation?

A: It depends on issues and number of parties. Mediation can take two hours or continue as long as participants believe they’re working productively. Because of time constraints, parties often schedule a continuation.

Q: Why Use An Outside Third Party?

A: Outside mediators are neutrals without organizational ties nor vested interest in outcomes. Independence encourages honesty, trust and open discussion.

Q: What’s the format?

A: These are the components of a mediation:


Before joint discussion, mediator meets with parties individually outlining desired objectives


Overview of the process, mediator’s role and ground rules

Joint Discussion:

Participants explain their perspectives without interruption

Agenda Setting:

Based on joint discussion, mediator and participants develop and agree on agenda


To generate movement, the mediator may hold private meetings with each party


Develop document outlining how participants will collaborate going forward. Each party signs and receives a copy to encourage adherence and provide reference in non-compliance


Individual mentoring is available, assisting team members in compliance and conflict resolution skill building

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