Elaine Rosenblum of ProForm U™ recommends using caution when texting and posting to social media as the content can live forever, potentially causing harm to your careerSpeedy Thumbs Hazard should be a sign posted every fifty miles on highways across America. 7 Things A Young Professional Should Never Do on Social Media shares a powerful message.  Speedy thumbs are not only dangerous when driving, they can also be lethal to careers.

Even with privacy settings, anything you publish on the Internet may still be alive even when you are six feet under. Many of my student and young professional clients roll their eyes when I encourage keeping their opinions to themselves. They believe their followers will be impressed with photos and clever punch lines. Fast forward five years, and I promise that those same friends will have far more respect for a fast tracked career path than any Instagram photo. Trust me, your career achievements will outlive you and be a sign of real life accomplishments while your Internet banter could be a yield sign that wrecks your career.

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