Facing Up to the Downside of Tech

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With All, Do Respect

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Showing TO-GET-TO the Love

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Is Social Media Dope?

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Hey, Siri, Reach Out & Touch Someone

Mobile phones and social media are amazing communication tools, but, with all their power to connect, they often leave us feeling isolated. From first grade to college, young people are feeling the negative effects of smart tech and social media. While both tools...

The Challenge

Advances in technology allow us to communicate with more people, more quickly and in more ways than ever. But here’s the catch—technology also affects the quality of our communication. From students to CEOs, word choice affects relationships, our capacity to understand and trust each other, our ability to create successful outcomes and innovative products and services. The impact of word choice plays out not only in interpersonal relationships but also in rites of passage such as college admissions and job searches. Language influences organizational cultures and goals like hitting profit margins. When you think about it, words affect our economy and our quality of life.

The ProForm U® Solution

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, ProForm U® is a consulting and mentoring firm that developed a unique communication model combining mediation and collaborative negotiation techniques to refine communication skills. Our programs enable you to own and articulate your skills and your point of view with honesty, respect and integrity. Speaking with specificity and listening intently will set you apart from your classmates and colleagues. Through individually tailored consulting and mentoring engagements, ProForm U® teaches students and professionals at all levels to articulate, collaborate and negotiate in virtually any setting. Change Your Conversation, Change Your Life™

Our clients ask us to help achieve their individual goals, such as acing college and job interviews, negotiating higher salaries and finding solutions to managerial challenges. All require refined communication skills. We mentor and teach people to respectfully articulate, negotiate and own their points of view, and we facilitate and model conversations among team members. The short-term gain is individual advancement, improved team communication and a culture of collaboration, which in turn breeds creativity and innovation. The long-term payoff is that our clients use these leadership skills in every aspect of their professional and personal lives. They literally take these essential skills with them, earn the respect of others and self, and hopefully model and mentor them forward.

Elaine Rosenblum, Chief Articulation Officer, ProForm U®


Elaine Rosenblum understands how technology has had an impact on our interpersonal skills, what she calls word control. Listen to her suggestions on improving your conversational dynamics.

The results speak for themselves…

Elaine is a master at teaching others how to tell their unique stories, and her assistance in résumé building and interview preparation was priceless. Elaine has a knack for connecting with others and eliciting interesting facts about their experiences and goals for the future. My college age son worked with Elaine for four months and landed the job of his dreams.

Parent of University of Virginia graduate and financial investment analyst

When my alma mater asked me to submit a résumé and interview to join the board, I had not done either in 20 years. I was anxious to say the least. Elaine helped me edit my résumé, advised me to add crucial accomplishments valued by educational institutions and coached me as to positioning myself in an interview. I am thrilled with the results. Thanks to Elaine, I have reclaimed interview confidence and presentation skills from my previous professional career (and I was invited to join the board)!

Ivy League University Board Member

“Once again, your evaluations came back with high marks! The participants found your brand of negotiation engaging and a useful tool that they can make actionable immediately, both with outside clients and internally. I believe that because your training is grounded in honest, dignified conversations, rooted in integrity it particularly resonated with this group. They also appreciated your use of interactive exercises and movie clips as teaching tools. Again, thank you for a wonderful presentation.”

Partner, Director of Training, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

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