Elaine Rosenblum of ProForm U™ says that failure is key to learning, growing and appreciating success when it comes. Princeton Assistant Professor Johannes Haushofer did young and seasoned professionals a huge favor by boldly publishing his CV that highlights his failures rather than his many accomplishments.

While I would never advocate submitting a failure resume when applying for jobs, it is valuable to be reminded that career success is not a straight upward trajectory. Careers flow in a more jagged up and down EKG reading manner; sometimes they even flat line and you have to change direction completely. However, there are no wrong turns, only lessons from which to learn and grow. I repeat this fact to my young clients almost daily. Failures are far less frightening when you realize that everyone fails. Remember, we would not enjoy success half as much without failure–it makes success that much richer, in every sense of the word.

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