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After just a handful of meetings, Elaine was able to significantly improve my resume, sharpen my interviewing skills, and connect me with a cutting-edge organization in the business sector that I wanted to pursue–sports! 

Without Elaine’s assistance, I would not have been able to communicate my career goals, articulate my transferable skills or strategically research companies in preparation for my interviews.  

As a bonus, Elaine even introduced me to the company that ended up hiring me. Thanks to her interview prep model, I could proudly send my resume, was fully prepared for the interviews and I’m going to work in the exact side of the sports business that I’d set my sights on years ago.

Social Media Manager, Dabble Entertainment and Sports, Atlanta

Elaine is the best of the best. Her help in preparing me for medical school interviews was invaluable. I have never been a great communicator nor have I ever enjoyed talking about myself. Elaine helped me gain the confidence to talk about my accomplishments in a professional, academic setting. Thank you so much Elaine. I don’t think I would have gotten into medical school without your assistance with interview prep.

Medical School Applicant, attending Albany Medical School in Fall 2018

“I highly recommend Elaine to anyone seeking guidance with their professional career. I am so thankful for and appreciative of all of the coaching she provided. I could not have landed my Internship and first job out of college, at Frank Recruitment Group, without Elaine’s interview guidance.”

University of Georgia Terry School of Business Graduate

Elaine has presented three times for my clients, both in person and online. She is brilliant, not only in presentation style – but the content is always spot on – the gold standard!

She understands and communicates so effectively the importance of being our best selves in every situation and considering what we say and how we say it.

Her listening skills are excellent – and she makes each participant feel as if her/his question is not only valid but value added to the conversation.

Elaine has no fear of naming the challenges facing us in an age of online shorthand – and she gives concrete and specific solutions to overcome those challenges.

I wish I could take her with me every time I interact with my present and potential clients. Even if she’s not there in person, her vital and brilliant messages are buzzing in my ears! Executive Director of Women’s Non-Profit and Consultant

When it came time for my daughter’s college interviews, she needed help but would not take her parents’ advice. Thankfully, Elaine came to the rescue!  She coached my daughter on distilling her thoughts and delivering focused, concise, and appropriate answers. So many teenagers ramble on for too long, peppering their answers with “like,” “you know,” etc.  They slouch or don’t make enough eye contact. Elaine earns the trust of her students and is laser focused on providing essential self-presentation skills (and even a practice script). Elaine kept me apprised of all interview prep content. My daughter was poised, refined, professional and confident for her college interviews.  We are all extremely grateful we found Elaine.  She made a huge difference in my daughter’s ability to share her potential to contribute to a college community! -Parent of Northwestern University Applicant

I will definitely send others your way. Honestly, feel I would still be out there if it weren’t for your guidance. Thanks big. Executive at Rentpath Digital Marketing

Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to Youth Leadership Sandy Springs Economy Day. You were the highlight of day. I ask the students to email me their feedback on what they learn in each program. Their session with you yielded comments like “eye opening,” “beneficial”, “useful” and my favorite [because each actually interviewed with you during a role play] “mildly terrifying.”

Thank you for helping provide them with such useful skills. It will benefit all of them greatly as they head out for college, internship and job interviews. We hope that you will speak again next year. Director, Youth Leadership Sandy Springs

“We were referred to Elaine from a friend who had great success with her. We contacted Elaine for an upcoming scholarship interview for our son and from the beginning we knew we had the right coach.

Elaine had a plan from minute one and our son Peyton was in her office the next day. Peyton worked tirelessly for the next three weeks with Elaine and at home perfecting the plan.
Interview day came with a sense of confidence and the right amount of nerves sprinkled in for humble success.

Success is the right word for the whole process with Elaine. Peyton loved working with her, learned a lot that he will be able to use for years to come and received the scholarship!!

We will be back as life calls for Elaine’s coaching. Thank you Elaine!!” Parents of a Southern Methodist University Student and Hunt Four-Year Scholarship Recipient

I accepted an internship with Screenvision Media in NYC. I also received an offer from Viacom. I decided to go with the smaller company to gain broader experience in areas of advertising, marketing and journalism rather than a single department at Viacom. I’m very excited and couldn’t have done it without you! Screen Vision Media NYC Summer Intern

(Also received summer internship offer from Viacom)

Elaine worked with our son on his early decision college interviews. He had worked with a previous advisor and was unimpressed.

From their first meeting, my son knew Elaine had “the goods” and she helped him find unique and interesting ways of telling his interviewer who he was and why he belonged at Dartmouth.  At the end of the interview, the interviewer said “wow, you are the first student that has ever presented in that manner.” The interviewer was impressed, and my son was admitted to Dartmouth, early decision, his top choice school.

We are grateful to Elaine for helping our son find his interview voice. It is an invaluable skill that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. We will definitely be calling Elaine to prepare our younger son for his college interviews.

Parent of early decision Dartmouth College rising freshman

“I truly believe that the art and science of communication and conflict resolution, both written and verbal, will become even more of a challenge to each of us in this generation of Internet, text and voice mail. Our ability to succeed will depend upon our ability to effectively communicate. Your message will help keep us on the right path.”

Vice President, Medical University of South Carolina

Elaine worked with our son and the results were transformative.  He’s a high achiever; however, his interview skills were beyond lacking.  He would answer questions in an interview situation quite literally which proved to be very awkward:

Q: “So, how’s your day going?  What have you been up to?”

A: “I woke up, had breakfast, took a run, then took a shower….”

Elaine helped him become very comfortable discussing his background and achievements (and leave his breakfast details out of the discussion.)

Parent of Tufts Freshman (Tufts pitcher/baseball team and orchestra member)

I was devastated when, after eight months of interning at a law office, I was not chosen for a permanent position (and essentially told my internship had ended). For me, it was the latest in a series of embarrassing professional failures and rejections. I took it as a sign that I’d chosen the wrong career and was determined, at age 31, during a time of high unemployment, to figure out what I really wanted to do and how I could be successful doing it. I went to a woman I admire, Elaine, for help.

Elaine and I got busy right away. She helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and, moreover, how to capitalize on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. She also helped me to identify and marshal resources I didn’t even know I had. For example, she showed me how to reach out to people whose jobs interested me and find out more about those jobs. What I appreciated most about Elaine was that she actually assisted me in taking action – it wasn’t as if I met her once and left with a generic “how-to” packet that I could find in any career book (and, trust me, I’d read every career book out there). Elaine actually edited emails I drafted, helped me revamp my Résumé and gave me advice on how to conduct myself when meeting a person who might help me professionally.

In the end, Elaine helped me to realize that I was a good lawyer: I’d just been trying to fit myself into a firm environment that didn’t work for me and probably never would. I have ADHD and would zone out in an office environment, where breaks were frowned upon, deadlines kept coming and I had no control over the cases I was assigned.

I work for myself now, as a contract attorney. I work from home and have never been so happy. I can take breaks – even long ones – when I need them – get outside and walk my dog, have a sandwich, go to yoga – but, because I’m working on cases that interest me, I can sit down and do my work as well. I often work well into the night because I am at my best at 9p.

I finally feel “successful,” which means to me that I enjoy what I do and am really good at it. (And the money isn’t bad either!) Elaine gave me the gift of confidence, and I can’t thank her enough for guiding me down the path to happiness. I only wish I’d met her 10 years ago!

Contract Attorney in Atlanta

After working with Ms. Rosenblum, I was able to successfully navigate the difficult process of applying and interviewing for jobs. Ms. Rosenblum helped me craft a clean, precise résumé, which highlighted my skills and accomplishments. Talking about my experience with Ms. Rosenblum helped me articulate the finer points of my credentials to potential employers.

She also provided me with extensive prep for each interview I went on. She helped me craft smart, effective responses to any potential questions I faced during the interview process. Under her tutelage, my confidence has grown immensely and I truly could not have made it through this process without her.

Harvard University graduate and commercial real estate analyst

“It has been a pleasure working with you. The experience has enabled me to have more constructive interactions with various individuals across the organization. Additionally, I have gained, or perhaps better said, found ‘my voice.’ I have seen a very positive change in my comfort level in terms of ‘speaking up,’ on my own behalf, in internal corporate meetings.”

Vice President of Marketing, Lillian Vernon

“I just want to tell you that it was very inspiring, and I am very proud to say that I have actually applied the things you spoke to us about [in the Collaborative Negotiation Seminar].”

Account Supervisor, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

“In the past, my negotiations had been founded on instinct, honed by experience. Your [Collaborative] Negotiation course at NYU confirmed that I had, on occasion, got it right, but more importantly [the course] gave me a structure and platform from which to discover the positive benefits of principled negotiation. I am now a fully paid up member of the collaborative school of negotiation.”

Leslie Scott, Former British Airways Concorde Captain and NYU Student

While preparing my résumé and prepping for job interviews, I was given a referral for Elaine. I spoke with Elaine over the phone and she was able to give me many wonderful tips and hints on how to better conduct myself in an interview, as well as what to think about when answering questions and what type of questions corporations tend to ask. Elaine also proposed changes that could be made to my résumé that proved to be very beneficial, adding a touch of professionalism to my résumé.

In part, due to her valuable input, I landed the second job that I applied for. I would highly recommend Elaine for her valuable knowledge and expertise.

Airplane Tech for Home Depot Executive Jet Fleet

“Once again, your evaluations came back with high marks! The participants found your brand of negotiation engaging and a useful tool that they can make actionable immediately, both with outside clients and internally. I believe that because your training is grounded in honest, dignified conversations, rooted in integrity it particularly resonated with this group. They also appreciated your use of interactive exercises and movie clips as teaching tools. Again, thank you for a wonderful presentation.”

Partner, Director of Training, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

“Thank you for the excellent presentation. I have been to lots of training sessions before, and I was just flat out impressed with the amazing quality of your work.”

A Charleston, South Carolina Newspaper Editor

“I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about your [Collaborative Negotiation] course and the excellent instruction that you provide. I really want to speak with you about creating a follow-up course for the fall term.”

Director, Professional Programs, Baruch College

Our daughter decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a physician. As her application preparation evolved, we discovered that the medical school admissions process had transformed. Outstanding grades, community involvement and great MCAT scores were not enough to obtain a coveted spot on an acceptance list. The final step of the application process, the interview, had become the ‘make or break’ final challenge for all applicants.

We decided to enlist help and contacted ElaineElaine‘s assistance in developing and honing our daughter’s interview skills proved to be a pivotal strategy in her preparatory efforts.

After receiving her acceptance to medical school our daughter ran into one of the interviewers. His comment to her “you killed it [the interview]” confirmed the importance of Elaine‘s support.

We cannot thank Elaine enough for her caring, professional expertise which has helped our daughter’s dream become a reality. Rosenblum

Parent of Admitted Medical Student for Fall 2018

I give Elaine 5 stars for her work with and dedication to her students. Her understanding of the interview skills needed to promote oneself is critical in today’s competitive job market.

Elaine has worked closely with my son and two nieces and each one was offered their first choice internship and or job.

Parent of Goldman Sachs NYC Summer Intern and now Analyst 

The class really enjoyed your presentation and advice.  We used some of what you discussed in the remainder of the class. I appreciate you coming downtown to share your expertise with my class.  I hope you are willing to come to other classes I teach.

Professor at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten my first good news of the recruiting season. At the beautiful hour of 4:07 this morning, I received emails saying I have been selected to interview at Needham & Co. as well as Oppenheimer. Thanks for all your help!

Boston College Senior Finance Major

Elaine worked with our son who has high functioning autism. She helped him to navigate through the process of college interviews. Elaine was so successful with him, he was accepted into his top choices for college.

Those on the autism spectrum struggle with interviewing because it requires immediate understanding of social queues that are especially challenging for them. The simple things for most people, such as direct eye contact and immediate back and forth conversation can be so difficult for those on the spectrum.

My children are almost grown and I’ve been thinking about my next phase in life and what I want to do. I worked for 11 years prior to having children. I have spent the last 21 years raising my three boys, one who has high functioning autism. I have also been involved in many organizations who support the special needs community.

I’ve been contemplating over the last couple of years working with other families going through the journey of raising a child on the spectrum.

I recently met with Elaine who has encouraged me to put my fierce advocacy skills (the ones I had honed on behalf of my son) to work. She also coached me to share my goals with everyone that I met or spoke to in my daily travels. It did not take long. Following Elaine’s advice, not a week later, someone contacted me to ask if they could hire me to advise them about advocating for their autistic child…I am so thankful for Elaine’s guidance and would recommend her for those seeking to reenter the workforce or to mentor students and young professionals on interviewing and job seeking. Parent of a student with high-functioning Autism

“As a young professional, the right guidance and advice can make all the difference in my career. Elaine was very instrumental in helping me to decide my next steps. When I was unsure of my path, she facilitated more clarity on the type of positions that I should pursue. In addition, she refined my resume to reflect my experience and market my accomplishments in terms of the employer needs. At a pivotal point in my life, Elaine served as a compass to point me in the right direction. Her road map was incredibly effective and very much appreciated!” Georgia Institute of Technology Graduate and Mechanical Engineer / AmeriCorps Alumnus

We sought the expertise of Elaine Rosenblum in preparing our high school senior for his college interviews. He is a national policy debater from Westminster and, as a result, comfortable with public speaking and well-versed in various subject matters. Elaine worked diligently with him, on very short notice, to prepare him for one-on-one interviews by working on specific techniques and addressing specific interview style questions. After working with Elaine, he felt prepared and comfortable in the interviews. As a parent, Elaine put my mind at ease. I knew my son was in good hands, and I knew he’d be prepared to put his best foot forward during the interviews. Elaine truly delivered and my son enjoyed his time working with her. He thought she was effective and helpful. We plan to use her again when my daughter begins the college process. Thank you, Elaine!!! Parent of a Georgetown University student

Thank you for all your help! Thank you!! I should’ve texted you when I found out. I got into ECU and Maryland on the first day and wait listed at Louisville and Nova Southeastern.

Thank you for everything you did to help me achieve this. I thought my interviews were strong points in my applications and there’s no doubt I couldn’t have done as well as I did without your help! Dental Student admitted to The University of Maryland School of Dentistry and East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine

“Coming from competitive policy debate background, where cut-throat, high speed argumentation is prioritized, it behooved me to work with Elaine on creating a meaningful interpersonal dialogue with interviewers. Moreover, she assisted me in isolating core question areas and crafting specific responses to any potential topic I might have to address. Finally, she gave me the confidence I needed to effectively carry myself in interviews.” High school debate champion attending Georgetown University

As a recent graduate of college, I needed help on interviews because I was struggling to land a job in the Atlanta TV and Film market. Elaine taught me to how to speak about my experience and use professional phrasing to position me as the ideal candidate for talent agency position.

With Elaine’s knowledge and experience, I landed a second interview and the Talent Associate position. I felt prepared walking in rather than wondering what will be asked and how will I answer. I couldn’t have gotten past interview one without Elaine. Film and TV Associate, (AM&T) Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc.

My son has always had issues with interviews and presentations. I even got my son a tutor to develop his communication skills, but these lessons came at little avail.

Prior to working with Elaine, he consistently failed his interviews for various summer programs. He also had problems judging his performance following an interview because he had neither an expectation nor a baseline to compare a good interview with a bad one.

Elaine has worked with my son for the past six months, and I still marvel at the progress and growth of his interactive skills and his self-belief in those communication abilities. He definitely has better understanding of the dynamics of the interview now all thanks to Elaine.

While working with Elaine he learned how to present himself to the stranger across the table in an interview. He learned to tailor the presentation of himself according to his interviewer and his ultimate target. He became more confident on how to showcase his accomplishments with a humble state of mind.

These skills helped him not only with his interviews for college and scholarships but also with the simplest of presentations.

I cannot thank enough for Elaine for what she has done to help my son. She taught him a great lifelong skill that should serve him well for the test of his life. Parent of Georgia Tech Stamps Leadership Scholar and President’s Scholarship recipient and 4 year Academic Scholarship at Vanderbilt University

Thanks to your participation, our Entrepreneurial Woman Series presentation on Collaborative Negotiation Skills was extremely well received. Information is power and many women will make better decisions because they have that information. Executive Director, The Center for Women

“Your interactive seminar occasioned favorable comment and we appreciate your following up by sending slides, as several members of the President’s Council asked for copies. We are interested in further training and use of your materials in situations that call for mediation. The Provost and General Counsel will be in contact to engage your services.” President, Medical University of South Carolina

When my alma mater asked me to submit a résumé and interview to join the board, I had not done either in 20 years. I was anxious to say the least. Elaine helped me edit my résumé, advised me to add crucial accomplishments valued by educational institutions and coached me as to positioning myself in an interview. I am thrilled with the results. Thanks to Elaine, I have reclaimed interview confidence and presentation skills from my previous professional career (and I was invited to join the board)! Ivy League University Board Member

Elaine is a master at teaching others how to tell their unique stories, and her assistance in résumé building and interview preparation was priceless.

Elaine has a knack for connecting with others and eliciting interesting facts about their experiences and goals for the future.

My college age son worked with Elaine for four months and landed the job of his dreams. Parent of University of Virginia graduate and Financial Investment Analyst

“I have heard from several participants [regarding] how much they enjoyed the event and the chance to learn new techniques for dealing with the age-old problem of effective communication in the workplace. Chairperson, Educational Programs Committee, 100 Women in Hedge Funds

I really enjoyed working with Elaine, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their skills in evaluative conversational formats. My specific training was focused towards college admissions officers and baseball recruiters, but working with her improved my interview skills as well as my public speaking skills in general. I was able to practice and get feedback on answering questions in a comfortable environment so that I was not nervous in the interviews. I definitely plan on going back to Elaine before interviewing for summer internships and other employment opportunities. Tufts University student and varsity baseball player

“I was extremely impressed with your CLE presentation. Over the years, I have attended many [New York] City Bar and PLI presentations, but the information that you provided significantly distinguished you and your presentation from the routine courses that I have attended. Your presentation, “Techniques & Strategies to Prevent Employment Discrimination Lawsuits Through Negotiation,” struck a chord that I think is critical to the Labor and Employment Law Bar. Your focus on communication and the costs for failing to communicate is key. Elaine, your presentation provides the missing link to the everyday routine [Labor and Employment] legal practice and procedures. By highlighting the “human” aspect you provide employment law practitioners with a focus on the most critical element of the practice. Keep delivering the message.”

Lyndelle T. Phillips, Assistant Commissioner/EEO, Fire Department New York (FDNY)

“I can’t remember the last time I saw our managers scribbling notes so furiously. You got everyone buzzing and we need that! Looking forward to working with you in the future.” Vice President Operations, Colonial Electric Supply

“Your collaborative approach to negotiation hit a ‘home run’ with our members, who represent a wide variety of professions, from family court judge to bond trader. What a high standard you have set for future speakers and programs! Your knowledge of the workplace, coupled with your sharp negotiation skills, makes you an invaluable resource for professional women. We hope that you will consider conducting another seminar for BBPW.” Beverly Savage, Barnard Business and Professional Women, Barnard College and Columbia University

“I learned so much from Elaine’s [Negotiating Compensation Seminar] on Thursday evening! I go to a lot of these things and she is one of the very best! Elaine was so successful that I am actually rejoining BBPW. The check is in the envelope and will go in the mail tomorrow.” Sarah Kochav, National Funding, Girl Scouts of the USA and BBPW member

Flashback six months ago, I was a timid and nervous student reluctantly walking into the interview room of summer programs, a frown planted on my face. Fast forward six months later to now and I have come to embrace the challenge of conveying my life story in a thirty minute interview with a complete stranger. What was different between now and then? I owe my success in my interviews to my instructor Elaine Rosenblum.

Elaine helped me gain a new echelon of confidence that has translated into a relaxed demeanor in front of my interviewers. She helped me acquire certain intangible qualities that speak to my new found ability to adapt and speak gracefully under the fire of tricky questions. I have always been great at conveying my thoughts on paper but it was not until I worked with Elaine that I could verbalize my experiences effectively to my audience.

Elaine was the key link that bridged that gap between my experiences and my ability to express them. My confidence in communicating skillfully now translates into so many different arenas beyond interviews, like presentations, speeches, and day-to-day interactions with respected adults. Student admitted to The University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Washington University in St. Louis, Vanderbilt University (Cornelius Vanderbilt scholarship), The University of Georgia (Bernard Ramsey scholarship), Georgia Tech (Stamps Leadership scholarship and President’s scholarship), Emory, Rice University (Trustee Distinguished scholarship) and Emory at Oxford (Oxford scholarship)

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